A County Awards a Data Cabling Contract to an ICC Certified Elite Installer

ICC Success Stories

NC – An ICC Certified Elite Installer was awarded a data cabling contract for an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) building in North Carolina. The installer designed and built the network using an ICC Category 6A (CAT 6A) structured cabling system. They terminated approximately 1800 CAT 6A keystone connectors in blue and black, equipped the distribution racks in the equipment room with 48-Port modular blank patch panels, and installed 340 work area outlets consisting of high-density décor style inserts in 4-Port and 6-Port and 2-Port surface mount boxes. They mounted 850 J-Hooks along the walls to route and manage cables.

In addition, the installer used LC fiber optic couplers and F-Type modular jacks to support the system with 10G data and 3 GHz video connectivity, respectively.

After the installation, the installer tested and passed the system’s permanent link to TIA® spec.

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