Apartment Complex Installs CAT5e Network System

ICC Success Stories

MI -A newly renovated apartment complex with 50 units in Grand Rapid, Michigan, recently hired an ICC Elite Installer to install a Category 5e cabling system at their brand new apartment facility. The Elite Installer installed 144 drops and pulled a total of 32,000 feet of ICC CAT5e Riser rated Premise Cable throughout. The Elite Installer took advantage of the value packs we offer on module jacks, cable management interbay panels, and our 14’ combo net media center. The Elite Installer installed a combo net media center in every apartment to serve as the central distribution point for voice, video, data,  and audio systems in every room.  They also configured 2-port faceplates with CAT5e module jacks and installed integrated faceplates. The Elite Installer also used our 2-post distribution rack with our 24-port CAT5e patch panel in the telecommunication room.