Cable and Satellite Television Installs CAT6 Structured Cabling System

ICC Success Stories

CA – An American sports-oriented digital cable and satellite television network, recently hired an ICC Elite Installer to install a Category 6 cabling system into their building in Santa Monica, California.  The Elite Installer installed 112 drops and pulled a total of 13,000 feet of ICC CAT6 Plenum rated Premise Cable throughout the building.  The Elite Installer also configured 4 port faceplates with CAT6 module jacks in the work area.  Multiple 48 port CAT6 patch panels were used in the equipment room to act as a horizontal cross-connect.  After the installation had been done, the Elite installer emailed ICC the 15-year performance warranty registration form with their invoices to register the cabling system.  ICC issued a proof-of-certificate within 24 hours of submission.