A Non-profit Land Conservation Organization Awarded a Project to a Certified Elite Installer

ICC Success Stories

MT – An ICC Certified Elite Installer was awarded a project from a non-profit land conservation organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. Their office in Bozeman, MT, required a structured cabling system consisting of 44 Category 6 drops.

The installer pulled 8,000 feet of ICC CAT6 CMR cable from the work areas to the telecommunications room. In the work areas, they configured two-port faceplates with CAT6 keystone jacks and installed them at the outlets. The horizontal distribution system in the telecom room consisted of a 48-Port blank patch panel configured with CAT6 keystone jacks.

After the installation, the Certified Elite Installer tested the system to the TIA® Permanent Link spec and registered the site with ICC’s Lifetime Performance Warranty.

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