A California Public School Awards a Data Cabling Contract to an ICC Elite Installer

ICC Success Stories

CA – An ICC Elite Installer was awarded a data cabling contract for a K-12 public school in California. The installer upgraded the Local Area Network using ICC’s Category 6A (CAT 6A) category-rated system.

The CAT 6A system consisted of 50,000 feet of CAT 6A cable and approximately 600 CAT 6A keystone jacks. The jacks were installed into 24-Port and 48-Port modular patch panels at the main and horizontal cross-connects. Single-gang faceplates and surface mount boxes with CAT 6A jacks were installed at the outlets. The installer mounted 2-Inch and 4-Inch J-Hooks on walls to route and manage cables.

After the installation, the installer tested and passed the system’s permanent link to TIA® spec.

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