How to Migrate a Fiber Optic Network from 10G to 40G

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ICC Fiber Optic Enclosure with MTP Patch Cable and MPO Cassettes

Business communications are advancing to achieve higher speeds and density in the network. This trend is now mainstream because LC and SC connectivity cannot satisfy the density needs. Improved options are MTP® cables and MPO cassettes; MTP and MPO can both be used interchangeably and are the bridge for migrating fiber optic connectivity from 10G to 40G.

MTP Cable

ICC MTP Patch Cable

The main component of an MTP patch cable is the MTP/MPO connector. The MTP/MPO connector is factory terminated with bend-insensitive Corning® ClearCurve® fiber. The cable assembly is then tested to TIA® spec; no field termination is required. The MTP/MPO connector supports 12 fibers and comes in a female version, without guide pins. The pins are built into the adapter of the MPO cassette to help secure the end-faces together and maintain proper alignment. On the top side of the connector is a guide groove, or key, which joins the connector to the adapter correctly. The MTP/MPO connector has a push-and-pull design to ensure it is installed securely and allows it to be removed easily. An MPO cassette is needed to bridge the MTP and LC or SC fibers together.

MPO Cassette

ICC Fiber Optic Enclosure with MTP Patch Cable Connecting MPO Cassettes

An MPO cassette has LC or SC connectors on the front and MPO adapters on the rear. This design allows users to take the fibers brought by an MTP/MPO patch cable and distribute them to 12 LC or SC fibers. The fiber cassette is factory terminated and tested to TIA spec. The cassette is modular and designed to be snapped in. The snap-in design allows for quick installation and improves support during moves, adds, or changes.

MPO Cassette Options

ICC offers various MPO cassettes to accommodate fiber optic network applications, such as LC-MPO, SC-MPO, multimode, single-mode, OM3, OM2, OM1, and OS1. The cassettes come in three styles:

Classic MPO Cassette

The cassette is LGX® compatible and can fit many industry-standard enclosures and blank patch panels.

ICC Classic MPO Cassette (LGX Compatible)

High-Density MPO Cassette

The cassette has staggered push-pins and a narrow frame which increases connectivity by 33% compared to Classic.

Plug and Play MPO Cassette

The cassette has a plastic ergonomic body making it comfortable to snap into ICC’s Plug and Play Patch Panel.

ICC Plug and Play MPO Cassette

Key Points

  • When in need of high-speed 40G transmission for a multi-fiber application, MPO or Multi-Fiber Push-on/Pull-off is used.
  • MTP and MPO can both be used interchangeably. MTP complies with the MPO standard, but the only difference is that MTP is a registered trademark of the US Conec®.
  • MTP patch cables help reduce cabling congestion by consolidating 12 fiber strands into a single jacket, ideal for backbone and enterprise fiber applications.

ICC MTP Patch Cable Connecting an MPO Cassette


MTP cables and MPO cassettes are ideal solutions for higher density data rates within the data center. ICC’s fiber cassettes, such as the Classic, High-Density, and Plug and Play, are reliable ways to optimize performance and streamline installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is an MTP connector an MPO connector?

A. Yes, the MTP connector is an improved version of the MPO connector to increase mechanical and optical performance.

Q. Is an MTP connector compatible with an MPO connector?

A. Yes, the MTP connector is intermateable with all MPO connectors that are compliant with TIA-604-5 FOCIS 5 standards.

Q. What does MPO connector mean?

A. MPO means Multi-fiber Push-on. The connector has more than one fiber in a single ferrule and connects with a mechanical mechanism.

Q. What does MTP connector mean?

A. MTP means Multi-fiber Termination Push-on.

Q. Will a 12 fiber MTP cable work with a 40G transceiver?

A. Yes, a 12 fiber MTP cable with the correct polarity will work exactly the same way as an 8 fiber MTP cable. Four of the fibers will not be used.

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ClearCurve is a registered trademark of Corning. MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd. LGX is a registered trademark of Lucent Technologies.