CAT6A Shielded Connector Grounding Wire in 10 pack


Shielded premise cabling components have been available for many years and popular in many markets around the world. Shielding has performance-enhancing features by minimizing nearby alien crosstalk and electromagnetic interference (EMI). The complete shielding/grounding solution includes FTP cable, connectors, patch panels, cords, and rack grounding. These grounding wires provide a dissipation channel for EMI surrounding an installation. Therefore, maximizing the performance capability of shielded modular connectors, minimizing external noise.


  • Designed for grounding CAT 6A shielded jacks.
  • 7-inch length for grounding from modular connector onto patch panel.
  • 18 AWG wire supports up to 600V.
  • CSA type TEW (Thermoplastic Equipment Wire) certified.
  • UL 1015.


Housing: Nylon
Terminal: Tin Plated Brass
Gauge: 18 AWG
Voltage: 600V, 105°C
Type: UL 1015, CSA TYPE TEW
Jacket Color: Green/Yellow
#8 Spade Terminal:
Material: Tin Plated Brass