Assisted Living Community Awards Two Data Cabling Contracts to an ICC Elite Installer

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IA – An ICC Elite Installer in Iowa was awarded data cabling contracts for an assisted living community.

The first project was to upgrade an existing network with 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic and Category 6 (CAT 6) cabling systems. The second project required installing twenty-four 14-inch wiring enclosures with voice, data, and video connectivity.

For the first project, the Elite Installer pulled 30,000 feet of 500 MHz CAT 6 bulk cable with 23 AWG UTP solid wires and a CMR jacket. A classic fiber optic wall mount enclosure with four slots was loaded with classic LGX compatible 12-fiber LC-LC fiber optic adapter panels with blue singlemode adapters. 78-inch double-sided vertical finger ducts were mounted to the side of distribution racks. 3-inch deep finger duct panels in 2 RMS supporting cabling in the patching areas. The installer also used one hundred and sixty feet of cable raceway section in a 160-foot bulk pack to route cable.

Between both projects, the Elite Installer installed around 435 drops.  Each project consisted of RJ45 CAT 6 keystone connectors and voice keystone connectors in EZ style, LC fiber optic keystone couplers (OM3) with metal sleeves and duplex ports, 3 GHz f-type modular couplers with gold-plated connectors, and 48-port CAT 6 patch panels. Station ID faceplates and surface mount boxes were used for outlets.

After the installation, the permanent link of the data cabling system was tested and passed the TIA® spec.

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