A Homebuilder Awards a Cabling Contract to an ICC Elite Installer

ICC Success Stories

UT – An ICC Elite Installer in Utah was awarded a voice, data, and video (VDV) cabling contract for seventy-one new multi-family homes.

The installer installed ICC’s 14-inch Plastic Wiring Enclosure into each home to act as the main distribution point for cabling services. Each enclosure came equipped with VDV modules to support locations for eight telephones, eight computers or Ethernet devices, and six televisions. The installer added a CAT 6 data module with a universal mounting base into each home to provide an extra eight Ethernet locations. The module’s base comes with self-adhesive hook and loop strips to be mounted on any flat surface. Around 250 outlets configured with CAT 6 keystone connectors and 3 GHz F-Type video jacks were installed throughout the living areas.

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