Can you provide me with a conduit fill capacity chart for ICC premise cable?

Last modified: August 17, 2018
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This chart is based on the maximum number of cables permitted in conduit under the National Electric Code (NEC) and is calculated on the area of the cables with 40% of the conduit filled.  For conduit runs of 50 to 100ft, the installed number should be reduced by 15% or use the next size larger conduit.  Each 90° conduit bend may be estimated as equal to the friction of 30ft of the straight level conduit.

40% fill based on size of the conduit (in)
P/NDescriptionJacketCable O.D.0.7511.251.522.533.54
ICCABR5EXXCAT5e 350MhzCMR0.1896111725446999135177
ICCABR6VXXCAT6 500MHzCMR0.200591420365681111145
ICCABR6EXXCAT6e 600MHzCMR0.23647111629466791119
ICCABR6AXXCAT6A UTP 650MHzCMR0.34013461219273748
ICCABR6FBLCAT6A FTP 650MHzCMR0.307247101828415673
ICCABP5EXXCAT5e 350MHzCMP0.18071219274977111151197
ICCABP6VXXCAT6 500MHzCMP0.200591421375783113148
ICCABP6EXXCAT6e 600MHzCMP0.22548121832507197127
ICCABP6AXXCAT6A UTP 650MHzCMP0.34023571321304153
ICCABP6FBLCAT6A FTP 650MHzCMP0.34023571321304153
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