Telephone Expansion Module with RJ-31X and 8 Ports in 10-Pack

Module Type: 8-Port Voice Module with RJ-31X - PCB
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  • Blank Mounting Panel with 4 Ports
  • Blank Mounting Panel with 6 Ports
  • Cable Management Cover ICRESCMC06
  • Universal Electronic Bracket ICRESDCBUM
Packaging: 10-Pack

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ICC’s residential compact voice module has a printed circuit board design that comes with four lines in and four lines out to 8 different locations. The module is integrated with an RJ-31X (RJ-45 port) that is compatible with most security and alarm systems.


  • Designed to support up to 4 incoming telephone lines with 8 outputs/extensions.
  • Module bridged using 2 incoming lines can get 16 outputs/extensions per line.
  • 1 incoming line can get 32 outputs/extensions.
  • Includes an RJ31X jack connected to line 1 for a security system.
  • Includes an expansion jack to provide additional outputs/extensions by connecting to an 8-port telephone resi module using expansion jacks.
  • Fits all 14”, 21”, and 28” Net Media Center.
  • ANSI/TIA-568-C and UL1863 compliant.


8 Port Telephone Module with RJ31X Jack:

PCB: Glass Epoxy FR-4 copper clad, t=1.20mm

110 Block:

Housing: PC, UL 94V-0

IDC: Phosphorous Bronze, Tin Plated

RJ45 and RJ31X Jack/Socket:

Housing: PBT 15% Fiber Glass

Contact: Phosphorous Bronze, 50u” Gold Plated

Wiring in Accordance with T568A Standard

Locking Button:

Material: Nylon 6/6, UL 94V-0