A Hospice Care Facility Awards a Data Cabling Contract to an Elite Installer

ICC Success Stories

AZ – An ICC Elite Installer was awarded a data cabling contract from a hospice care and education facility in Phoenix, Arizona. The project required a Category 6 (CAT 6) structured cabling system.

The project required an installation of around 930 CAT 6 drops, where the Elite Installer pulled 87,000 feet of 500 MHz CAT 6 bulk cable with 23 AWG UTP solid wires and a CMP jacket. The horizontal cross-connect consisted of ten 48-port CAT 6 patch panels in 2 RMS. Cable management bars added support from the rear of the panels. At the outlets, faceplates and surface mount boxes were installed and configured with RJ45 CAT 6 keystone connectors.

The cabling system was supported with six seven-foot 2-post distribution racks, securely anchored to the floor with concrete rack mount kits. The racks were equipped with plastic interbay vertical ring panels with covers in 2 RMS. Vertical metal cable channels were mounted to the side of the racks. The cable was routed to the racks using a five-foot ladder rack cable runway. 4-inch and 2-inch ceiling mount J-Hooks were used to route cables between locations.

After the installation, the system’s permanent link was tested and passed the TIA® spec.

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